Ford 6.4 to Cummins Conversion aka Fummins

2008-10 Ford 6.4 to Cummins Conversion aka Fummins

These “fummins ” conversions are one of our favorite builds to do. We practice what we preach; the owner’s truck is a 2008 F350 6.4l converted to a 24v 5.9l Cummins.

See The Ford to Cummins Conversion in Action

These 2008-10 Ford Super Duty’s with the 6.4l Powerstroke are fantastic trucks, but are notorious for their catastrophic failures . They are gorgeous trucks with a very powerful engine, until the 6.4l Powerstroke”gives up the ghost”, normally at a very early age.  The dealership will charge upwards of $20k to replace the factory engine. This is not acceptable when the new engine will only last on average 80,000-120,000 miles, with the OE emissions and tune.

Why is it that the 6.4l  fails  so early?

1) A very poorly designed emissions system with an extremely aggressive re-gen cycle

2) Another reason, is due to a temperamental high pressure fuel system. The injectors in these trucks have been known to fail and burn holes in pistons as well as cylinder walls, causing a very costly overhaul. Sometimes not even a repairable engine block, even with a dry sleeve.

Not to fear, these issues can be avoided if addressed at an early enough age; check out our service page for our 6.4 service.

Continuing to the Conversion part…

Don’t want to spend the $20k plus for a new 6.4? Or you have decided to go with something simpler and more reliable with better fuel mileage. That is why we offer the “Fummins” swap. We can completely convert a factory 6.4 Powerstroke truck to a 12v, 24v 5.9 or 6.7 Cummins for a lot less than replacing the factory engine. This swap can be tailored to any need; whether that be fuel economy, performance or towing power. Your options are endless with this conversion and our swaps are covered with a 24month / 24,000 mile limited warranty (see us for details).

  • Better Fuel Economy: Obtain up to 20+ MPG
  • Ease of Maintenance: We use OEM parts for our conversions to make the maintenance easier and more convenient for our customers
  • Reliable Performance: Cummins engines have earned a great reputation in the performance industry; for ease of maintenance, tune-ability and durability.
  • Towing Performance: We set our packages up with our customer’s needs in mind. Whether its towing your ski boat to the lake or towing your 48ft travel trailer over the pass; we will ensure that the truck is tuned properly so you don’t have to worry.

Does this sound like a conversion for you? We would be happy to discuss and come up with a conversion plan for your truck. Contact us

We also do conversions on a wide variety vehicles from Jeeps to Full size trucks.