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Where there is a will, there is a way! Catepillar, Detroit, Isuzu / Duramax are also platforms that can be used in conversions. If you can think it… odds are that it can be created! We would love to create your next dream diesel driving experience! Give us a call today.

Some other one- off builds we have done:

  • Ford Coyote 5.0 V8 Gas conversions
  • LS Conversions
  • 4BT Conversions
  • Detroit Conversions
  • CAT Conversions
  • Duramax and Allison Conversions
  • VM Motori conversions
  • Yanmar Conversions


What is included with a typical diesel conversion from NW Diesel?

We will build the conversion to meet your needs. We offer a wide array of custom diesel conversion options; from turn-key conversions all the way to just specific parts. We can tailor the build to fit your needs.

How to pick the right diesel engine for my vehicle?

Considering a Custom Diesel Conversion? There are a few things to keep in mind….

  • Weight of Vehicle: How heavy is the vehicle? Are you selecting an engine that is appropriate for the weight? Is the vehicle’s current engine similar in weight to what your selecting for conversion engine?
  • Rear Gear Ratio: Depending on conversion engine, you must consider how high you are going to be revving the engine, and how low your vehicle is geared.
  • Performance / Drive-ability goals: Are you wanting a powerhouse, or fuel economy? Will there be enough power to tow, or just enough to commute? Consider Horsepower and/or torque per pound compared to original engine.
  • Rear Wheel Drive, 4-wheel Drive, All wheel drive? Consider transfer case and engine placement when thinking about your custom conversion.

What is the warranty on a diesel conversion from NW Diesel?

Our warranty we offer depends on the conversion package. However, NW Diesel is proud to stand behind our work. NW Diesel offers 12 months / 12,000 mile warranties on standard conversions on up to 24 month/ 24,000 mile warranty. We provide conversion services to customers all around the country and make it our priority to assist should there ever be a problem. Rest assured you will be taken care of.

Why NW Diesel?

We have the experience, R&D that others do not. On top of the experience, we care about you, the customer! Each build means something to us, whether it be big or small! Our attention to detail and pride in workmanship says it all. Check out some of the latest things we have been working on.

  • Select the Conversion: Once we have selected the conversion you are going with; we will put you down on our schedule and we will start the planning process. For the more extensive conversions, we may need additional measurements or additional pictures.
  • Plan for Drop off: If you are out of the state, we can assist with scheduling transport. NW Diesel works with top carriers, around the country, to get your vehicle to us safely and on time! At the time of scheduling drop off we will discuss timeline and any necessary additional details.
  • Building Phase: Your custom conversion will be built! We will keep you updated on progress and give you the opportunity to test drive and give feedback along the way. Typical build times are 4-6 weeks depending on customization and part availability.
  • Pick up: is when you get to take delivery of your vehicle! We will have one of our technicians walk you through the features and there will be ample time to cover any questions that you may have. If you are out of state, we can schedule for airport pick up or if you prefer a skype or facetime call, we can accommodate for virtual walk throughs.
  • Support: We are available for you anytime you need us. If you have any questions along the way or want to make some adjustments, we are just a phone call away.

Any questions?

No worries, we are here to guide you through selecting your Custom Conversion decision!