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Ford to Cummins “Fummins” Conversions

Fummins Conversions

Our bread and butter conversion are the Ford to Cummins, also known as Fummins builds. NW Diesel offers turn-key conversions for all eras of Fords to most Cummins platforms. We will build your truck to suit your needs. So, whether you want optimized fuel economy, towing capability and/or power, we have the right package that will work for you. All of NW Diesel conversions are turnkey and can be tailored to fit any budget.

OBS – (Old Body Style): 1997 and Earlier Ford F-Series to Cummins

The 1993-1997 Ford F250/F350 are the tried and true pick up truck of America. It was in this body style of truck; that Ford introduced the Powerstroke Turbo Diesel 7.3. The 7.3 Powerstroke engines are still, to this day, known for their reliability. Although good, these engines do not last forever, and some owners are needing to breathe new life into their truck. This body style Ford pairs well with a 12v Cummins Engine. Either P-Pump or VE Pump is a match made in heaven behind the ford ZF5 Transmission.

Some of our featured Conversions with OBS (Old body style)


  • 1995 Ford to 12V Cummins w/ ZF5
  • 1976 Ford F250 to 12V Cummins W/ ZF5
  • 1973 Ford F250 to 12v Cummins W/ZF5
  • 1997 Ford F150 to 4bt Cummins w/ ZF5

Whether you have a diesel 1997 and earlier Ford, or a Gas. We can build your dream Fummins truck !
Contact us today for a quote.

1999-2007 Ford F250/F350 Ford to Cummins Conversions

Whether you have an auto transmission or manual, the Ford Super duties make a great base for a Cummins Conversion. We can utilize your existing ford transmission to pair behind whichever Cummins Engine you choose. With a South Bend HD Clutch, or custom shift tunes your truck will be driving like a dream in no time. Cummins into this era of Ford is great if you are looking to turn heads and are wanting something different! Give us a call today, and we can build you a package that meets your needs.

2008-2010 Ford F250/F350 Ford to Cummins Conversions

The 2008, 2009, 2010 Ford Powerstrokes are beautiful trucks. They had great stock power and top of class towing capabilities. Unfortunately, the 6.4 Powerstroke engines were not known for their reliability or longevity. It has been an unfortunate experience encountered by many of our 6.4 customers: eventually their 6.4 gives up the ghost, and they are left with a hefty repair bill. Seeing the 6.4 fail, time and time again, we decided to offer a better option to replacing the 6.4 Powerrstroke. Our goal was to provide a more reliable, and AFFORDABLE option to our 6.4 Customers, by offering Cummins conversions in their trucks. NW Diesel prides our self on offering a good solution to the 6.4 reliability problem!

Ford to Cummins Options:

12v Cummins Engine paired with ZF6 Manual Transmission

Talk about super simplistic and reliable! We find that the 12v paired with ZF6 Transmission is a good option for those customers who want the look of a newer truck, and the powertrain from a simpler time. This configuration offers, cost-effective power opportunity and heavy tow capacity.

24V Cummins Engine paired with 5R110 Ford TorqueShift Auto Transmission

The 24v Cummins engine pre’02; is a good option for a broad array of truck users. You can modify these engines to tow, while also being able to refine them, so that they give you the driving feel of a more modern truck.

5.9 Common Rail Cummins Engine with Ford ZF6 or 5R110 TorqueShift Transmission

Even more refined of a drive, than the 12v or 24v Cummins Engine. The 5.9 Common Rail Conversion pairs nicely with either manual or automatic transmissions. They offer improved fuel economy, efficiency and best of all they are quiet!

6.7 Common Rail Cummins into 08 and later Fords

The newest of Cummins engines behind the 08-10 Fords; are the most modern and quiet of all the Cummins Conversions. The 6.7 Cummins in the 08-10 Ford chassis marry together seamlessly. You will see the best stock power in this conversion and will also have an option for some of the more modern features, such as factory exhaust brake, and improved customizable electronic controls.

Prefer Something other than the Ford Transmission?

No Problem! We have options to run an Allison automatic transmission, as well as the capability to run the Cummins Factory transmission, should a customer prefer.

Need More Options?

We can tailor the build to fit your driving style and budget. All conversions start off as stock, and upgrades can be added at any time.


Contact us and we would be happy to assist you with any of your conversion questions!