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The Cummins R2.8 diesel is a crate engine package that comes factory direct from Cummins. The 4-cylinder diesel power plant is an incredibly diverse engine, that is adaptable to most platforms. The 2.8 boasts 161Hp and 310ft lbs of torque. All of this; with a dry weight of only 500lbs! Not only are you getting a brand-new power plant, you will get the peace of mind of having a factory 24mo /2600-hour warranty from Cummins

HP 161 hp 120 kW
Torque 310 lb-ft* 420 NM
Displacement 171 cu in 2.8 L
Number of Cylinders 4
Weight 503 lbs.

4BT vs R2.8

The Cummins 4BT engine is a well-known engine in the diesel conversion world. Although the 4BT, is a good option for many conversions; there are some downsides to the 4BT. Some of the negatives to using a 4BT in a conversion would include weight, vibration, noise as well as a limited power band. The R2.8 is a good alternative to the 4BT because, the weight makes it a viable option for most any build. Also, the 2.8 Cummins stock power levels offer capability for a variety of vehicle sized, and on top of all of that; the power band offered in the R2.8 offer significantly better performance, better fuel economy and a much more enjoyable ride!

2.8 Conversions

NW Diesel, offers custom diesel conversions utilizing the R2.8 platform. We offer a wide array of builds and can tailor the conversion package to suit your needs. All of NW Diesel’s conversions come turn-key. Not in town? No problem, we help with shipping and can get discounted shipping rates. Contact Us today, to get your custom quote (Link to Contact Us / Quote Page)

Some Exciting R2.8 Conversions We have done:

  • Jeep FC170 Cab Forward to R2.8
  • Ford F-150 to R2.8
  • Jeep TJ to R2.8
  • Jeep JK to R2.8

R2.8 Conversion Parts

We also offer many custom R2.8 Cummins parts. Check out NWD’s proprietary R2.8 Conversion Parts