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TDI Conversions

TDIs are great lil’ 4cylinder diesel engines that came factory in Volkswagen sedans and SUVs. Known for their tunability and fuel mileage, TDIs are great in foreign applications such as Toyotas, Suzukis or Nissans. Also, TDIs have made drivers in lighter domestic applications, like Jeeps or Ford Rangers. The TDIs, depending on era, offer reliability, tune-ability, RPM capability, and economy. We Loves TDIs and can assist you in building your next TDI rig!

Kubota Conversions

Where our conversions all started…. The V2203 Kubota Diesel engine into a Ford Ranger. Beginning with the desire for ultimate fuel mileage, 4 wheel drive and a truck bed and having come across a surplus of industrial take-outs, an idea was born! NW Diesel’s founder: Ethan Olsen, built his first conversion putting the V2203 Kubota Diesel into his 2003 Ford Ranger 4×4. The conversion achieved 40+ mpg and led to the realization that anything is possible with a little bit of creativity and ingenuity. Many conversions later, NW Diesel’s conversion division was opened to create a whole new driving experience for those drivers looking for something more than just factory.

Mercedes Conversions

Like the TDI, the Mercedes diesel engines are a great conversion option for smaller domestic SUVs / trucks or foreign mid-size applications. The 5-cylinder diesel Mercedes is known for its simplicity as well as reliability whereas the newer Mercedes diesels like the OM616/OM617 are great for performance and hot-rod like feel.